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The Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET) give pupils in Scotland the opportunity to learn first-hand from those living and working in the countryside all about food, farming, the countryside and rural issues.

We know that it is those people working directly in agriculture who are best qualified to deliver this message. This is why all RHET's projects and activities use the expertise of farmers and those involved in rural industries.


  1. RHET take 17,000+ children on farm visits per year and organise classroom talks by volunteer Farmers for 27,000+ children, covering food and farming topics.

  1. RHET’s strength is in the delivery of curriculum-linked learning through a network of 650 volunteers from farming and education communities.

  1. RHET’s volunteers are supported by 12 Project Coordinators across Scotland and 6 members of staff based at RHASS’ Head Office in Ingliston.

  1. RHET supports Farmers hosting Farm Visits by carrying out risk-assessments, providing advice on health & safety and offering speaker training.

  1. RHET’s projects include Food & Farming Days, Estate Days, Farmers Markets in Schools, Tractor Days, Potato Growing Projects and Farmhouse Breakfast Week.

  1. RHET’s resources and services are free to Scottish schools, link with ‘A Curriculum for Excellence’ and are tailored to suit the requirements of the teacher. 

The backbone of RHET is the network of hundreds of volunteers from the farming community across Scotland who generously give up their time to participate in one of the many RHET activities throughout the year. Without them, RHET would simply cease to operate!

Still interested?  Visit our 'Get Involved' page to read more or telephone the RHET team on 0131 335 6227.