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The Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET) has a range of curriculum-linked resources available.

All RHET resources are FREE to schools.

Please click on the links below or use the 'Resources' tab above for information about RHET resources.

To order any of these resources for your school, please click here to complete the Contact Us form or, for more information, call 0131 335 6227.

In addition, RHET are pleased to link to our partner organisations, who produce educational resources available for order or download.  Please click on the 'Partner Resources' link below for a list.

Haggis, Neeps and Tatties

Download the "Haggis Bingo" game and rules from this link:

Watch the Haggis, Neeps and Tatties clips below:





On the Farm Booklets by the Royal Northern Countryside Initiative (RNCI)

RNCI have a new Countryside Classroom on Wheels also known as the CCOW. The booklets below will accompany a visit from the CCOW:

CCOW Early Stages pupil booklets and leader notes

These booklets are an excellent accompaniment to a Farm Visit. There are booklets for pupils to complete along with leader notes to give teachers activity ideas. Click the links below to download the relevant booklets:

On the Farm Second/Third Level pupil booklets and leader notes

Understanding Soil Second and Third Level leader notes

Policies and procedures

RHET operates at a local level across Scotland through 12 Countryside Initiatives.  We are committed to volunteers and provide many opportunities for interested individuals to get involved. 

We aim to ensure people who engage with us receive support and recognition for their contribution.

Your local Project Co-ordinator can provide more information and guidance.  Please click the links below to access our current procedures.  These documents provide background information and should be used in collaboration with a face to face meeting with your Project Co-ordinator and referred to when required.

Child Protection Policy April 2014

Volunteer Policy April 2014

Food & Farming Posters
Seven posters relating to Food and Farming topics

Beef, Pork, Lamb and Wool, Cereal Crops, Fruit and Vegetables, Dairy and Eggs. 
Scotland's Farming Year DVD free to schools 
RHET's award winning Secondary level Geography resource 
Meaty Matters
An interactive education pack produced by RHET in conjunction with Quality Meat Scotland 
Early Years Resource Box
RHET has a number of Nursery Box resources for loan to nurseries and early years teachers. 
Partner Resources
Resources by RHET partner organisations