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Partner Resources

RHET are pleased to link to partner organisations, who produce educational resources relating to food, farming and the countryside.

These resources are available to order or download through the relevant organisation websites below. 

Further websites with links for resources can be found on our LINKS PAGE.


DairyCo’s website provides interested consumers with facts about British dairy farming, including information about animal health and welfare, the environment and facts on topics ranging from cow breeds to milking frequency and methane emissions. Interactive features include an opportunity to ‘explore the farm’ by way of a video flyover of a typical British dairy farm, ‘moovies’as well as a ‘fact or fiction’ tool, enabling visitors to test their knowledge of dairy farming.


The Food – a fact of life (FFL) website contains a set of resource for schools aimed at helping children of all ages understand more about British dairy farming, milk and dairy products and how they form part of a healthy diet. The website provides educational resources for pre-school children to secondary students relating to healthy eating, cooking and food and farming in the UK.  Resources include worksheets, PowerPoint presentations, videos and whiteboard activities. 


They have also created NEW resource links for Primary Schools and Secondary Schools (Sept 2012).

FACE (Farming and Countryside Education)

Farming & Countryside Education set out to help children question the food they eat and help them become better informed consumers. The Farm Behind the Food online resource provides an information base for teachers and case studies to show how farmers work to each of the standards described as well as the classroom activities. CLICK HERE

LEAF(Linking Environment and Farming)

LEAF have produced an online virtual farm walk for children to find out about farming and the environment. There are things to do on this walk, with lots of fascinating facts about farms and the animals and plants that live on the farm. In the Dig Deeper section, more able children dig deeper to hear farmers' views on lots of important and topical issues surrounding how our food is grown and how this affects the countryside.  CLICK HERE

Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health

This 'Virtual Farm' website contains pictures and audio files from three farms in the North East of Scotland, together with a wealth of additional resources for learners and leaders, and anyone interested in farming! It is part of the ‘Getting in Shape’ project which links farming and food production with nutrition and health. CLICK HERE

SAC (Scottish Agricultural College)

Biology Resource:

"Biology for schools" Suitable for accompanying the Higher and Advanced Higher Biology syllabus.


‘Introduction to Soils’ e-learning resource.

For further content of both, please see Tools for Schools where there are other pages and files to download, found via the "downloads" link at the foot of pages.

Scottish Natural Heritage

"Biodiversity begins with a B" is a darkly comic look at the importance of bees to our natural environment. Featuring the voice of Scots comedian Phil Kay, the video highlights that some bees are not doing so well and promotes a few actions we can take to help support bees and the variety of living things around us.  CLICK HERE

Soil Association

Resources for schools cover activity packs and flash animations.  The Food for Life curriculum pack has a range of  activities for both Key Stages 1 and 2. It is divided into five topics ,which cover food production from the 'plough to the plate' and includes work on being a consumer and making choices about food.  CLICK HERE


RHET & Tesco have been working together since 2003, and have a very strong partnership. In conjuction with a Farm Visit, schools can also visit a local Tesco Store to really see the journey of food from soil to shelf where the class can become Store Detectives! To organise such an excursion, please see and complete a Farm Visit request form, noting you are interested in a Tesco visit too. 

To accompany the Tesco tour, there are a variety of work sheets, which you can download below:

Teacher Notes

Worksheet 1a - Be a Store Detective, 1st level

Worksheet 1a - Be a Store Detective, 2nd level

Worksheet 1b - Design a Scottish product label

Worksheet 2 - Eat Well & enjoy the Taste of Scotland

The Country Trust

Teacher Resources and 'A Guide to the Countryside' by Hunter Adair, complete with 8 downloadable books and countryside drawings available FREE to schools.  CLICK HERE

NB: RHET accepts no responsibility for the content of external websites or resources.