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Scotland's Farming Year DVD

Scotland's Farming Year is an educational DVD which gives children an insight into many aspects of Scottish Agriculture and helps them to understand where their food comes from.


The DVD is available free to all primary schools and focuses on health & wellbeing, science and social studies.

Its aim is to provide a comprehensive introduction to farming in Scotland, and its role in food production and the countryside.

Funded by the Scottish Government Food & Drink Industry Division, ‘Scotland’s Farming Year’ was filmed on several Scottish farms.

Cinecosse filmed and edited the DVD and Mark Stephen gave the commentary.

The DVD is designed to supplement RHET’s school Farm Visit and Classroom Speaker programme.

For a preview, click on the DVD Cover above!

Or  click the seasons below to watch the whole thing in four parts here:


This RHET-developed resource is available to schools in Scotland free of charge from RHET.

To request a copy please email with your school name and address.

Structured around the Four Seasons, this is a flexible and useful teaching resource with a helpful commentary.


Topics include:                                            Glossaries:

  1. Spring Spring Glossary
  2. Summer Summer Glossary
  3. Autumn Autumn Glossary
  4. Winter Winter Glossary

Plus, interviews with those in the field:

  1. Arable Farmer
  2. Beef Farmer
  3. Deer Farmer
  4. Hill Farmer
  5. Vegetable Farmer