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Royal Highland Show 2014

Why not enjoy an extended school day at The Royal Highland Show 2014?

The Royal Highland Show 2014 will take place from June 19th - 22nd with school bookings available on the 19th and 20th. For the required booking forms and important information please click the links below:  

School Booking & Photo Permission form 2014

Activity Providers Booking form 2014

Drop in activities 2014

Generic Risk Assesment for RHS 2014

Arrival and Parking Info 2014

Booking for the show

At the show RHET run the Children's Discovery Centre. Children get a chance to participate in various activities. The list of bookable activities for 2014 can be found here.

As well as bookable activities, there is always an array of interesting stands around the showground to children of all ages. The list of drop in activities for 2014 can be found here. 

For a registration fee of just £34.00 a group of up to 33 pupils may attend the show on the Thursday or Friday. This includes accompanying adults on the below ratios:

Nursery (aged 3-5) = 1:2 

Primary - P1/P2 = 1:4   
P3/P4 = 1:6   
P5/P6/P7 = 1:8 
Secondary - 1:10

Additional Support for Learning 1:1, dependant on the need.

ny additional adults would pay for tickets on the day, at the gate or, an 'early-bird' offer may available on the RHS website, with tickets at a reduced price for advance purchases.

Teachers can use RHET to book into the show and have their own agenda on arrival. Or they can take advantage of what RHET and the RHS offer school groups.

Please note that a map will be avaliable for download from this page from early June 2014.

Education packs for the show

Click the links below to download the education packs for pupils:

Upper Primary education pack 2014

Early Primary education pack 2014

Teacher's pack 2014

Tour Stewards

Schools can also request a FREE tour steward to show their group around the Show. Stewards can give informative tours and make sure groups arrive at their booked activity stations on time.

Eating Areas

There are many 'food courts' around the showground, all marked on the map.
When the sun shines it can be nice to sit on the grass by the clock tower which overlooks the Main Ring. Alternatively, cover can be taken within the grandstand, which also has a view over the Main Ring. This has nearly 1800 seats and is free to all to access however, this can be particularly busy if a popular event is on in the Main Ring.

Volunteering at the Show

There are two options for volunteers at the Royal Highland Show 2014 with RHET:

1) Tour Guide: one option for volunteers is acting as a tour guide around the show ground on the Thursday and or Friday mornings.

Between 9.30 and 11am, guides will collect a school group at the WEST GATE, and for approx. an hour to an hour and a half, take the group to various areas of the show.

Some teachers know exactly what they would like the children to see and do, where others are happy to be led to points of interest.

detailed map is provided for all volunteers as well as tea/coffee & biscuits before setting off. Some guides who get the 1st early schools come back for a 2nd tour group - this is entirely optional.

2) Steward: the
second option is to be a steward in the Children's Discovery Centre.

There are 3 slots of 2.5 hours over each of the 4 days of the show, which you can choose from:

9.30am-12pm and/or 12pm-2.30pm and/or 2.30pm-5pm

On arrival you will be allocated a role, which may be assisting an activity provider, handing out samples, supervising the toy farm or even keeping all the volunteers going with refreshments!

Volunteers will be given an entry ticket for each day they volunteer time for and refreshment vouchers.

To volunteer please fill in the form below and return it to Sara Smith at or you can post it to RHET, Ingliston House, Royal Highland Centre, Edinburgh, EH28 8NB. For more information please call the RHET office on 0131 335 6227.

Volunteer Form RHS 2014

General Public

The RHET Children's Discovery Centre is open to the general public on all 4 days of the show from 9.30am - 5pm each day.

School groups can book in for sessions on the Thursday & Friday of the Show when the centre can be extremely busy. However where there is a gap in groups the public can particpate in activities. Many will have a sign-up list available to other showgoers
with a time to come back and take part!

The sign-up lists are also available over the weekend where we have no school groups booked in.

As usual we will have the toy farm which is a firm favourite with youngsters year after year, and some parents too!

Buggy Parks are available to parents whose children are participating, to leave the gang-way free to pass through between each of the activities.

RHET's Children's Discovery Centre and Curriculum for excellence

The diagram below shows how the activities in the Children's Discovery Centre can directly contribute to Curriculum for Excellence aims:

If you have any questions regarding the Royal Highland Show 2014 please call the RHET office on 0131 335 6227.