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Classroom Talks

RHET is the lead provider of outdoor education for pupils of all ages and has over 1000 volunteers across Scotland; some who help RHET at events, others willing to host visits on farm and many who are able to visit you in class and share their many years of knowledge and experience of food, farming and the countryside.

Classroom speaker visits fit many aspects of Curriculum for Excellence for children aged 3-18. Held either as a standalone event or in partnership with a RHET farm visit (insert link), they are an exciting and efficient way of introducing, supporting or summarising a food, farming or countryside topic.

All our volunteers receive speaker training from RHET and come prepared with a kit full of props, samples, games and power points etc to supplement their talk and engage the children in the conversation with hands on experiential learning.

If a teacher has any specific experiences they wish the children to get from the talk, this can be indicated on the form and discussed with the Project Co-ordinator beforehand, in order that the talk can be tailored to suit.

All you need to do now is Request a Classroom Speaker.