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Teacher Training

We deliver a range of free training opportunities across Scotland. 

The aim of our training programme is to raise awareness of how farming works and encourage more interdisciplinary work round using food, farming and the countryside as topics for teaching.

We offer sessions around the following areas :

1 Story of where food comes from farm to fork - a basic menu of activities for the journey foods take from the farm to the plate.

2  Links to curriculum areas – targeted training looking at how farming links to specific areas of the curriculum for both primary and secondary schools for example linking farms to numeracy.

3 Keeping chickens – an information session for schools interested in finding out more about what this involves and getting to the answers to all the questions you might have

4 Soils – make the most of the resource under your feet!  This session will provide ideas for using soil in school and encourage links to farm visits.

5 Growing – what, where, when and how.  We cover growing in schools and tailor sessions to your requirements. 

6 Countryside Ambassadors – long term training for teachers with a keen interest in developing skills in the food, farming and the countryside over the school year. 

We are also available to support learning events for teachers in schools.

For further information on training opportunities please contact our Learning and Development Co-ordinator on 0131 335 6290

Upcoming teacher training 2014

Please click on the title of the course for more information.

May 14th - Food to Fork - this is a CPD aimed at nursery staff and will be held at Linlithgow Primary School from 4.30 - 6.30pm.

May 22nd - On the Farm - this is a CPD aimed at upper primary practitioners and will be held at Glachbeg Croft Centre, Inverness, from 4.30pm - 6.30pm.

June 7th -  All Creatures Great and Small
- this is an all day event looking at the practicalities and benefits of keeping animals on community gardens/farms and school ground environments. It will be held at Palace Rigg Country Park and run from 10 am - 4pm. Please note this day is hosted by the Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens and will cost to attend. See poster for more details.

All RHET training events are FREE however, booking is essential. If you would like to book on to any of the events above please contact Sara Smith by email or by phone 0131 335 6290.