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Being an educational charity we have an unbiased view of other organisations in our field and their activities. The following websites belong to organisations working with RHET, carrying out similar work to RHET, or that produce educational resources relating to food and farming that may be of interest to educators. 

RHET do not necessarily endorse or support the views held by the following organisations and hold no responsibility for the contents of any websites.

AHDB (Agricultural Horticultural Development Board)

AHDB's mission is to deliver a world-class arable industry through independence, innovation and investment. AHDB has an extensive range of free educational resources exploring the grain chain from field to plate. These resources are full of fun games and activities, which have been especially developed for children from primary through to secondary school.


The Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council (BBSRC)
BBSRC is committed to making information about advances in the biosciences widely available to schools and the public. They have resources available to primary schools.

The British Science Association

The British Science Association seeks to promote open and informed discussion on issues involving science, so that science can advance in harmony with society. It is a voluntary organisation which encompasses the natural and social sciences, engineering, technology, health and medicine and their applications and implications.

Co-operative Education Trust Scotland

CETS is an educational charity funded by the co-operative movement whose aim is to support educational establishments in embedding co-operative enterprise education into their curriculum. This can be done through using our free, downloadable resources or contacting us directly for more support and information.


DairyCo (formerly the Milk Development Council) is a non commercial, not for profit organisation currently supporting schools with free resources and advice on milk production, dairy farming and milk provision within schools through its School Milk Project. The DairyCo website contains dairy resources and activities to order and download, plus information for teachers and parents about the dairy industry.

Eco-Schools - Food and the Environment

Eco-Schools is an international initiative designed to encourage whole-school action for the environment. It is an environmental management tool, learning resource and recognised award scheme.

Education Scotland

The Scottish Government's lifelong learning strategy aims to ensure that everyone develops the attributes, knowledge and skills they will need for life, learning and work. The curriculum is all the experiences that are planned for learners to support the development of these skills.

Food for ThoughtThis resource looks at ideas for food as a context for interdisciplinary learning, and how Curriculum for Excellence supports learning about food and health.

Learning about Scotland: Education Scotland will be delivering a programme of CPD sessions around the teaching and learning of Scottish contexts as part of the Scottish Studies ministerial group recommendations.

FACE (Farming and Countryside Education)
FACE is a registered charity, aiming to educate children and young people throughout England and Wales about food and farming in a sustainable countryside. With over 80 partner membership organisations, all have a commitment to educational work associated with food, farming and the countryside. The FACE website has links to all our partners as well as many educational materials relevant to farming and food. 

Farmhouse Breakfast Week
Farmhouse Breakfast Week is a national campaign held annually, aimed at raising consumer awareness of the importance of a healthy balanced breakfast. To find out more about Farmhouse Breakfast Week and to receive teacher notes and task instructions, visit their website. 

Food - a fact of life

Food - a fact of life provides a wealth of free resources about healthy eating, cooking, food and farming for children and young people aged 3 to 16 years. The resources are progressive, stimulate learning and support the curriculum throughout the UK. All resources are designed to ensure that consistent and up-to-date messages are delivered.

Forest Education Initiative (FEI)
Forest Education Initiative (FEI) aims to increase the understanding and appreciation, particularly among young people, of the environmental, social and economic potential of trees, woodlands and forests and of the link between the tree and everyday wood products. 

Forests for the Future
Forests for the Future is designed for upper Primary learners 10 –12 years, in England and Scotland, to explore the local and global issues surrounding climate change and sustainable development.

Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust

The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust is the leading UK charity conducting scientific research to enhance the British countryside for public benefit. For over 75 years the GWCT have been researching and developing game and wildlife management techniques, providing training and advice to farmers, gamekeepers and land managers on how best to improve the biodiversity of the countryside.

Gorgie City Farm

Gorgie City Farm is a child-friendly working farm on a 1 hectare site with little fields and stables, styes, poultry - and sheep-houses. They have a horse, cow, goats, sheep, pigs, hens, turkeys and ducks, also an owl and a pussy cat!  A community project in the centre of Edinburgh, perfect to visit with children.

The Grain Chain

The Grain Chain programme is a collaboration of the HGCA, Federation of Bakers (FoB) and Flour Advisory Bureau (FAB). It is the successor to the Flour and Grain Education Programme which was launched in 2002.  On the Grain Chain website there are resources for ages 5-16, plus teacher notes and recipes to download.

Health Promoting Schools
This online resource offers practical guidance and information to help schools become health promoting. There are dedicated sections for practitioners, family and community members and interactive areas for primary and secondary school pupils. 

The James Hutton Institute

The James Hutton Institute brings together the Macaulay Land Use Research Institute and SCRI to combine existing strengths in crops, soils and land use and environmental research.  The James Hutton Institute is committed to raising awareness and understanding of science, and crop-based science in particular, to colleges, universities and the general public.

Lantra, The Sector Skills Council for the environmental and land-based sector, is licensed by the UK government to drive forward the new skills, training and business development agenda for the sector. 

LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming) is a charity helping farmers improve their environmental and business performance and create a better public understanding of farming through a nationwide network of demonstration farms and the LEAF Marque Scheme.

NFU Scotland
NFU Scotland (NFUS) aims to promote and protect the interests of the Scottish farming industry, influence government, the public and consumers to that end, and assist its members to meet the needs of customers.

Our Dynamic Earth

Our Dynamic Earth is a charitable trust raising awareness and understanding of our planet through the Dynamic Earth exhibition and promoting education and life-long learning in Earth and Environmental Science. Their educational workshops and tours are designed to comply with the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence, with the focus of all educational activities firmly on formative fun. 

Quality Meat Scotland (QMS)
Quality Meat Scotland is the public body responsible for helping the Scottish red meat sector improve its efficiency and profitability, and maximise its contribution to Scotland's economy

Red Tractor
The Red Tractor logo guarantees that the food you are buying has been produced to high standards from farm right through to supermarket shelf to ensure you are buying quality, fresh food. All the major supermarkets and a growing number catering outlets support a range of assured produce. A variety of free resources have been launched for primary and secondary schools throughout the UK. These include Teachers’ notes, Assembly ideas, PowerPoint presentations, Worksheets and Interactive whiteboard activities.

Rowett Institute 
The Rowett Institute of Nutrition and Health is based at The University of Aberdeen.

They run the Better by Miles (BBM) website and programme. BBM explores the food miles debate over the sustainable production and distribution of food.  Linked to Curriculum for Excellence, there's everything you need to produce a school assembly. This resource is cross-curricular and includes supporting activities to help classroom discussions. Pupils learn about where food comes from and how it reaches your plate in a fun and engaging way and you don’t have to be a drama teacher to do it!

Royal Highland and Agricultural Society of Scotland (RHASS)
RHASS operates from the Royal Highland Centre in Edinburgh, an exhibition cente where over 400 events are held annually. The Society is responsible for The Royal Highland Show that takes place over four days at the end of June every year and are the core funders of the Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET).

Scottish Association of Young Farmers Clubs (SAYFC)

SAYFC is unique to all other Youth Organisations as it is a peer led organisation where the members play the key role in the decision-making at the various levels within the movement. The Association is made up of each individual area Club and its Members. SAYFC support RHET both with donations from fundraising events and in providing an activity for the schools programme at the Royal Highland Show.

Scottish Food & Drink Federation (SFDF)

The food and drink manufacturing sector offers a wide range of rewarding and exciting career opportunities in engineering, environmental management, regulatory affairs, marketing, product development.

Scottish Gamekeepers Association

Building up practical experience remains the most important part of a Keeper, Stalker or Ghillie's carreer, but is is just as important these days that land  managers have a grasp of health & Safety, Wildlife Law and other connected skills. For people whos role is based outdoors, getting the time during the working day to find out about current best practice and training can be difficult. This area of our websitre sets out to provide up-to-date information and support to help practitioners, which they can access at any time.

The Scottish Government (Food & Drink Industry Division)

The food and drink industry is a major contributor to Scotland's economy with one in five people in manufacturing working in the sector.  As well as the economy, food impacts on many other aspects of Scottish life including our health and environment.  Click here for details of RHET projects funded by The Scottish Government (Food & Drink Industry Division).

Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH)
The natural heritage is one of Scotland’s biggest assets and the role of Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) is to look after the natural heritage, help people to enjoy and value it, and encourage people to use it sustainably. SNH is a Government body responsible to Scottish Government Ministers and through them to the Scottish Parliament. SNH kindly support the work of RHET, taking the classroom to the countryside.

Scottish Organic Producers Association (SOPA)

SOPA represents more than 80% of the organic food produced and processed in Scotland and offers pragmatic advice to organic and non-organic farmers about how organic techniques such as avoiding products like chemical sprays and compound fertilisers, leads to a safer environment for us all. 

Scottish Rural University College (SRUC)

Scotland's Rural College delivers comprehensive skills, education and business support for Scotland’s land-based industries, founded on world class and sector-leading research, education and consultancy. We have been formed by the merger of Barony, Elmwood and Oatridge College and SAC.We offer courses that relate to the existing and emerging land-based industries and pursuits as well as applied food, plant and animal sciences, and sustainable land use. We have six campuses in Aberdeen, Ayr, Cupar, Dumfries, West Lothian and Edinburgh.

Seafood Scotland

Seafood Scotland is a trade organisation set up in 1999 by the main representatives of the Scottish seafood industry to market, promote and develop responsibly caught Scottish seafood in order to maximise the value return to industry. Seafood Scotland also acts as delivery partner for Seafish in Scotland. The organisation works closely with all sectors of the Scottish seafood supply chain, from catching and processing, through to retail, food service and consumption, and encourages and facilitates those sectors to cooperate together.

Slow Food UK

In the fast modern junk food environment, Slow Food is the voice of calm reason and quality, working to promote the greater enjoyment of food through a better understanding of its taste, quality and production. Working with local member groups across the country, a network of chefs and artisan producers deliver educational projects and events to reconnect people with where their food comes from, how and where it is produced and the implications of the choices we make on the environment, biodiversity and our own health.

Specialized Signs

Specialized Signs was launched in June 2009 and is a sign company that provides impressive illuminated signs at realistic prices. They offer a wide range of goods such as window graphics, vehicle wraps, exhibition displays, banners, flags, health & safety signs and much more. Specialized Signs kindly donated the building wrap and signage on the RHET Education Centre for the Royal Highland Show 2016. Their signage will be kept up year round and will help to promote RHET's image on the Showground throughout the Royal Highland Centre's extensive yearly events calendar.


SP Energy Networks

SP Energy Networks is part of the ScottishPower Group of companies. They provide power for Scotland responsibly and with respect for people and for the environment. PowerWise is a new educational website from ScottishPower that teaches children and young adults all about electricity and how to stay safe around it - inside and outside the home. SPEN are also proud sponsors of RHET at the Royal Highland Show 2016.


Tesco supports RHET's work through funding for school bus transport to farm visits, 'Taking the Classroom to the Countryside'. Tesco also support Farmhouse Breakfast Week activities, as part of the Tesco Greener Living campaign. Their Kids Go Green web page has information about making the home greener and ideas for environmentally friendly kids activities.