Healthy farmhouse breakfast goes down a treat

It was a very successful week for the 12th year of the RHET ACI Farmhouse Breakfast Initiative, with 441 children taking part over a full week of healthy Scottish Farmhouse Breakfasts from 18 classes within 8 different schools. 

It wasn't all about eating though as the children had to earn their breakfasts by listening to talks about why you should have breakfast and where all the food they were going to be trying came from.  Feedback from the teachers and children on the events was great.  Mattocks said "lovely to see the children so engaged!" while Northmuir's comments included "Super opportunity to link with prior work on healthy eating and future topic on food & farming".  The pupils from Maisondieu said " The food was really good." and " We tried a lot of new things."

Needless to say the tasting sessions went down really well, it was a bit like something out of Oliver most days with chidren coming up to ask for more and the porridge pots being scraped clean!

Huge thanks has to go to our team of volunteers, without whom the events would not be possible.  Over the 5 days 22 different ladies of the Angus SWIs helped out as did several staff and Regional Committee members from Scotmid Co-operative. As always we had the vital support of Fiona Dawson and Fhiona Whyte, the Catering Officers for Angus and Dundee City Councils. 

Thanks to all our sponsors Scotmid, W N Lindsay, Strathmore Agribusiness, Stirfresh, Goodfellow & Steven, Frost The Bakers, Milton Haugh Farm Shop, Grahams Family Dairy, Mackays, Tayside Contracts and INSTOCK, without all your generous donations and continued support we could not provide these tasty educational sessions to all these children each year.