RHET celebrate everything great about the British pie

Food has been a constant over the lock down period and there is nothing more comforting than a well-made pie.  RHET are celebrating the humble pie this week, as part of British pie week (1 – 6
th March). 

From apple pies to pork pies, we all have our favourite, and understanding where the ingredients in your pie come from, can help us all decide which pie to buy. 

This year, butchers from the Smiddy Farm Shop just outside Stirling are sharing a video showing the secrets of making a traditional beef pie.  The origin of the ingredients is vital in contributing to the flavour of the final product. 

Katie Brisbane RHET Project Coordinator Forth Valley said All pies make use of a few key ingredients: pie cases are made of wheat flour and butter and the pie filling which can be sweet or savoury.  The good news, is many of these ingredients can be produced locally’ 

Following on from this Smiddy Farm Shop added, By working with a trusted local farm, Lochfield, we commit to buying only the very best quality Scotch beef. This ensures we create the best product we can for our customers, and live up to our values of Fresh, Local, Simple. 

Supporting local producers, helps ensure sustainable food supply chains. We all have a part to play in checking the origin of the food we eat.    

The British Pie Week video can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/hq00D4o64cQ