Schools get opportunity to grow their own loaf

With the growing season rapidly approaching the Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET) are offering free wheat seeds to primary schools across Scotland. 

Where our food comes from is vitally important and the Grow your own loaf project provides the opportunity to follow food production from seed to loaf. 

As schools begin to open their doors to younger children, the opportunity to plant and grow seeds can provide a hands-on activity for schools to engage with.   

Lesley Mason RHET Borders Project Coordinator explains Wheat is an incredibly important food crop in Scotland, and across the world, and it is easy to grow at home or in the school garden. It is always a surprise for pupils when they split open a wheat seed and see the white flour inside. Baking your own bread is great fun, and tastes so delicious when it is still warm spread with butter. 

Kris Paterson RHET Clyde Project Coordinator concludes This is a great opportunity for schools to try their hand at growing wheat, grinding it and baking a loaf in class, especially those schools who or not located near wheat growing areas.  The project incorporates farming, food and healthy eating within the context of wheat growing and milling.’ 

Schools can claim their packet of seeds by visiting the teacher’s area on the RHET website