Team RHASS training update (week 7)

Team RHASS are running the Edinburgh half marathon in support of RHET on the 27th of May 2018.

We're in week 7 of their training schedule since the announcement of the team running the half, so let's check in with some of the runners.

Sara Smith, RHET Learning & Development Coordinator:

"I am up to 6 miles running with no stops.  The first 5 miles is fine but the last mile is much harder. Next step - 7 miles. Finding the time to run is also interesting, as I am working every night this week and running at 10pm is not going be happening!"

Denise Tyers, RHET Countryside Initiative Developer:

"When I was training I jogged home the 6 miles but have injured my toes so I have not jogged for two weeks now. Hopefully I will get out this week sometime!"

If you'd like to support Sara and Denise, plus the rest of Team RHASS, please check out their JustGiving page to donate. Your support is very much appreciated.