Volunteer Spotlight: John Marshall

As part of this year’s Mr Jazzy Potato Growing Project RHET Perth & Kinross volunteer John Marshall has travelled over 1000 miles across the length and breadth of the region to teach 1333 pupils all they need to know about potatoes.

Retired from a life in the potato industry John’s passion for potatoes still burns brightly and this passion has been transferred to children and teachers alike who have heard John’s talk. 

John arrives at the school with a car-full of resources and provides an interactive talk with a plethora of props including potato plants, Mr potato head, a potato farm with its own grader shed & machinery, a potato ricer and of course a selection of potatoes of varying sizes and colours. 

However, the highlight of the talk is usually the opportunity to watch John use a potato spiraller to produce a tornado potato.

Having carried everything into the school on his own John is never short of volunteers to help get everything back to his car. 

John’s involvement plays a huge part in the success of the Mr Jazzy Project and really enhances their knowledge about the mighty spud!