Food and Farming in Scotland


In Scotland we have 1.73 million cattle (dairy and beef), 6.67 million sheep, 319,000 pigs and 14.9 million poultry (layers and broilers).


In Scotland barley is the most popular crop grown (290,900 hectares) followed by wheat (107,500 hectares). We also grow oilseed rape, 28,500 hectares of potatoes (for both eating and selling as seed potatoes) and 19,586 hectares of vegetables for both human and livestock consumption.

Agriculture workforce

67,100 people work in the agricultural industry in Scotland. The majority of the workforce are owner/occupiers, made up of people who own or rent the farm and work on it.

Other produce from Scotland

We also produce farmed fish (aquaculture) and have small scale production of a range of other products like buffalo, mushrooms, chillies and seaweed.

The Eatwell Guide

The food that we produce in Scotland contributes (with a range of other foods from around the world) towards the diet that we eat. Using the Eatwell Guide, which shows the proportions of the types of foods that you need to have a healthy, balanced diet, information on food production is provided below. Simply click on a section to find out more. Or find out more about the Eatwell Guide at