Journey of Food : Sheep and Wool

Get involved with our sheep and wool learning offer!

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Your go-to resource hub, free and accessible to all. The portal signposts to a range of balanced links for teaching about food, farming and the countryside.

Talk to a Farmer 2024

We are excited to be working in partnership with the DYW Live/e-Sgoil to deliver ‘Talk to a Farmer’ 2024!

Farm visits

RHET is the leading provider of fully risk-assessed Farm Visits throughout Scotland.

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Exploring Food and Sustainability

Engage learners in real world issues through information and activities.

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In school talks

Classroom speaker visits fit many aspects of Curriculum for Excellence for children aged 3-18, are an exciting and efficient way of introducing, supporting or summarising food, farming or countryside topics.

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RHET themed learning projects

Each year RHET deliver a themed programme of activity and share new resources and learning opportunities linked to the chosen theme. Get involved!

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Grow your own loaf

Get your class growing wheat with our free wheat seeds


Request an early or first level resource box

Some RHET areas offer early years or first level resource boxes containing a variety of resources to engage under 5s with the topic of food and farming


Data 4 Schools

Use data sets from real working farms across a range of subjects


Crop Mixtures & Food Sustainability

Plant an area of crop mix in your school grounds and participate in some online citizen science


Teacher training

RHET offers a range of professional learning opportunities for both primary and secondary practitioners, available both in school and on farms and designed to meet your requirements.

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